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Prosthetics – Tooth Replacement

Our teams can offer you any type of modern prosthodontic, fixed and detachable. This includes teeth supported by implants and conventional bridges supported by teeth, as well as crowns and removable partial dentures (RPDs). Depending on your health insurance institute, parts of your treatment costs can be reimbursed.
The dentures are exclusively produced by the Viennese dental technology master-laboratory – that is our unconditional quality standard.



Veeners and all-ceramic crowns

Individual missing teeth

Replacement with an implant instead of the conventional dental bridge. Often possible immediately after removing a tooth in one session with an immediate implant!

Prof. Tepper researches and teaches internationally with a special focus on immediate implantation.

Fixed dental bridges – tooth or implant-supported

Implant-supported dentures

Finally a solution for edentulous full denture wearers to have a firm hold and chewing comfort! Dental implants can compensate for tooth loss, and have proven very successful over the past decades. They greatly expand the range of options for fixed dentures.


Individual missing teeth


Fixed dental bridge


Fixed prosthetic dentures

Avoid overloading existing teeth with conventional dentures, such as bridges and removable dentures, and avoid losing bone and soft tissue in edentulous sections of the jaw. Our goal today is to restore not only functionality, but also the natural aesthetics of the teeth and gums with the help of implants.

During implantation, new roots made of titanium or ceramics – implants – are inserted into the jawbone where the lost teeth used to be, and can be restored with one or more crowns after an individual healing phase. And caring for the implants is only slightly different than caring for natural teeth! Good hygiene and regular recalls with professional dental hygienic sessions are a must!

Even with total tooth loss, implants provide an aesthetic and tight fit. Look natural feel safe, and increase your quality of life and chewing comfort without worrying about pressure points or slipping dentures.
For edentulous patients, the implant-supported denture may either be fixed or, if desired, removable with bars or push-button systems.


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